Easy Albums plugin for Buddypress

Welcome to the support site of Easy Albums Plugin

Here you’ll find all the information needed to support your Easy Albums installation, you will also find here information needed to maintain, manage, moderate and many other handy plugins for your professional Buddypress site.

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  • View the activity wall and see how users can post their media on our site the easy way!
  • Download the plug-in.

About Easy Albums Plugin :

Easy Alums Plugin is the best way to add rich media albums for Buddypress.
This plug-in will provide your users the ability to manage albums, upload images, videos and sound files to their profile and activity stream on your site, your users will be able to share the albums both publicly and privately with their friend and the entire community.

Once you’ve installed the plug-in and set-up the necessary credentials, the profile page of any user will be added the “Albums” tab, just like facebook you can browse friends albums and view their contents (if they approve it) .

All the rich content that is uploaded by your users is securely hosted and delivered by Cincopa cloud technology, this means that you can focus on building your site and leave the plumbing (uploading, storing, transcoding, resizing, managing, delivering) to Cincopa.


Benefits of using this plugin :

  • Support videos, images, music and podcasts – keep visitors interested
  • Many skins (gallery themes) to choose from
  • Adding interactive content with NO programming knowledge
  • Hosted on Cincopa cloud – no load on your server’s storage, CPU and bandwidth
  • CDN – 1st tier Content Delivery Network to fast deliver videos to your users
  • Scalable – from 10 users to 10,000 Cincopa can grow with your demand
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc.
  • Compatible with moderation plugins