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Jan 2022 | tags: Protfolio, site, cashback, coupons

The best coupons and deals site in the universe.

coupons and deals
Mar 2015 | tags: portfolio, site, html5

Israel's first Cashback site. the site will offer various deals and discounts for popular shopping sites, all you have to do is sign in use the website as you online shopping portal

Cashback Israel

Herzliya Museum
Mar 2014 | tags: portfolio, site, html5

The new website for Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, including exhibition archive, the unique video tour project and the museum educational wing - Muza.

Coming soon...

Gil Keren
Jul 2013 | tags: portfolio, site, html5

Regeneration of website, from flash to html5.

my challenge was to recreate the website exactly as it was in flash using jquery, backbone and some secret ingredients.

Paypal Link Generator
Jul 2012 | tags: blog, javascript, paypal

A little app to help you lazy people (and me) to create fast disposable paypal payment links to send in emails or implement in websites.. enjoy!

Launch Application >>

Sadowsky Berlin Branding
Jun 2012 | tags: portfolio, site, html5

A unique website for a unique studio!

Sadowsky Berlin is an award winning design house, It was founded in 2005 by Ayelet Sadé and it is getting cooler ever since..

View website >>

HP Graphic Solutions
Mar 2012 | tags: portfolio, mobile, site, html5

The second part in the HP trilogy - HP Graphic Solutions

we've created an online application for HP graphics solutions, it is part of the new HP strategy for Drupa 2012 (the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world).

The application will be available online at, and during the event in HP booth both in kiosk mode and for mobile devices.

see it before everybody else at

HP SmartStream Solutions
Feb 2012 | tags: portfolio, mobile, site, html5

Hp has launched their new "SmartStream Solutions Navigator" with a completley new interface and technology (yes.. it was Adobe Flash).

I've teamed up with Shay of dataphase to provide a smooth and modern web app that works best  for today's mobile devices, so pick up your nearest tablet and go to - new games
Dec 2011 | tags: games, site, chrome

New games site for, the site features over 3000 free games from some of the world best game studios like Armor Games, FOG, AGAMES and many more.

The site uses advance browser features like local storage, deep linking and offline data caching  thus creating a unique user experience and a unique navigation system.

new free games 

World Domination Pinky...
Dec 2011 | tags: blog, flash, as3

I'm currently creating an interactive world map with dynamic shipping routes, the map will calculate the shortest route between various port around the world.
The algorithm for finding the shortest path between the ports is a* (A-Star) and I based it on the code from this post.
My main problem was calculating the shortest routes while keeping in mind the world is round (yes it is!) and the map need to be wrapped around, so I have to wrap the algorithm and my head..

you can view the demo here.  

Are You Shpongled?
Nov 2011 | tags: blog, Music

This weekend (25th-26th) for the first time in Israel, Shpongle are playing Full live band Show in a secret location in the desert. 

For any of you who are not familiar with Shpongle, this is a realy good opportunity to enjoy their music, a 24 hours open air event including many international artists and large camping space, shades, bar... 
more info can be found here

I'm famous!
Oct 2011 | tags: blog, web design
Web Design index by Content 05 
Maria kong website 

I've just found out which I've done 2 years ago is being featured in the book "Web Design By Content 5" (The Pepin Press, 2011).
I'm happy :).

You can get me the book here
Oct 2011 | tags: portfolio
screenshot 1 - homepage 
screenshot 2 - inner page 

The Jacob Izaki Group is a private and dynamic investment group, considered to be a leading player in the arena of Israeli and international business.

launch website

New youTube playlist
Sep 2011 | tags: blog, music

I've collected many of my favorite Aphex Twin tracks into one playlist on my soontobegreat youTube channel.
click this link and you'll never be the same again.
You're welcome.
Jul 2011 | tags: portfolio
Illustrations by Maor Zabar 
Homepage screenshot 
Inner page 
Cool company - cool content.. 

Roni Arnon Communications is a public relations and new media company representing leading international and Israeli life-style brands, for over 20 years.

Launch website
Jun 2011 | tags: portfolio, ecommerce
Logo and navigation 
Homepage search component 

One of israel leading laser toner manufacturer and distributor (no to mention a very special personality..).

Together with pixel-delight, we've managed to create a unique toner search engine and a modern, effective user experience in this slick e-commerce website.

launch website
Apr 2011 | tags: portfolio
Shirley Lev - Jewellery Design 
Products catalog 
Homepage view 

Lev designs and manufactures her creations by means of a unique combination of digital media and traditional silversmith's techniques.
This is a clean, artistic e-commerce website, showing Shirley's unique designs and art.

launch website

Nov 2010 | tags: games, mobile
Main character... 
Chrome webstore featured game. 
iPad version screen selection view 
iPad version game screen 

Together with Seza Waller ( and Oren Sofrin (, I've started - the home of brain games, our first game was Qbox which turned out to be a great success and was chosen to be included in Google's chromeOS beta launch.

It is currently available for:

Blue Planet Games
Feb 2011 | tags: games, website
Games grid 

Blue Planet Games is a great website for people who are looking for the latest free flash games. the site provides easy to use interface, great user experience, and most importantly new games all the time.

free games

Pixel Bender Pixelate
Feb 2011 | tags: blog, Flash, Pixel Bender

Pixel bender comes with a pixelate filter sample from Adobe which is written very carelessly to say the least.
I’ve tried creating a better version of that shader using a smarter sampling algorithm.

The filter can be downloaded here
Dec 2010 | tags: portfolio
Designers grid  
Homepage view 
Projects page 
Israeli designers promotional page 
Homepage slider detail 
productsd catalog 

Karney Tchelet, part of Nisko Electricity and Electronics Group, is one of the most established and influential companies in exclusive lighting segment in Israel. The company promotes international lighting concepts and designs, and is the sole representative in Israel of top-name brands such as Flos of Italy, Moooi from Holland, Establish & Sons and Tom Dixon from the UK and Modular from Belgium.

Launch website
Nov 2010 | tags: portfolio
Logo and icons design 
games page on 
Featured games component 
Full website screen shot 

Bgames is a free games website, built and adapted especially for gamers.
Our goal in the project was to create a fresh, original look to the website interface, and user experience.

The project new design is currently being implemented by the team.
Oct 2010 | tags: portfolio
Photo contest wall 
Winning entry! 
My favorite... 

Zagat Survey is now the world's leading provider of consumer survey-based information on where to eat, drink, stay & play worldwide.

Zagat have hired us to provide an original photo contest, where users can upload rate and share images that include the zagat brand.
Aug 2010 | tags: portfolio
Artwork by Maor Zabar 
Entrance visual 
Artwork by Maor Zabar 
Full website view 

Maor Zabar is a highly creative artist, costume designer & stylist,
He designs costumes for leading theater and dance groups in Israel.

I was asked by mr. Zabar to plan and execute his website based on his amazing artwork and illustrations.

Launch website

Dan Haschan
Jun 2010 | tags: games, mobile

A funny variation of the famous gold digger game.
this game was featured on Bank hapoalim dan haschan website.

Apr 2010 | tags: portfolio
Olive, Lilinblum video 
Olive, Karlibach video 
design detail 
dynamic animation  

Olive started as a 24 hours neighbourhood cafe and have grown into a chain of restaurants serving quality food and coffee. Our goal was to show the diversity of the food and people that make olive the brand it is.

My Olive »
Nov 2009 | tags: portfolio

Miya, an Arison Group company, represents Arison Group's commitment to sustainability and to preparing our planet to meet the needs of future generations.

Our job was to create an international website to address the decision making people in specific markets around the globe, and present Miya's urban water efficiency solutions to them.
Oct 2008 | tags: portfolio
1|2|3|4 is MTV's next generation dating and social connection site. You can utilize the site's innovative interface to connect, flirt, and engage with each other while earning points for the amount of time that other users spend on your page. There is always a multitude of profiles to browse through and, for those who want more exposure, every 24 hours two users (one guy and one girl) will be crowned the Hottie of the Day. These two profiles will be featured on MTV.
Oct 2009 | tags: portfolio

A website for Cardo Systems, an international communication company speciallizing in Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle. The site includes full product catalog and support structure for the company's growing market.
2011 Update: new design coming soon...

Design: Sharon Erlich (Pixel Delight)

Links to Chrome web store
Nov 2011 | tags: blog, Chrome, Help

Links to chrome web store apps not working?

All external link to my chrome web store apps completely stopped working, some of them are through short url service, and I've just spent two hours of my time trying to figure this out!. 

I found out it is a bug in the chrome web store new interface, in order to fix this you will have to add rel="noreferrer" AND target="_blank" to your links. If your using flash to link to the store (like me) only god can help you - but if you find a solution I'd be more than happy to hear about it.

Itay Noy
Oct 2011 | tags: about

Lead by curiosity and ingenuity I was sucked into the world-wide-web from the art world in 2001,  I'm looking for new technologies, new ways of connecting people and virtual entities ever since.

My main fields are web development, data driven applications, games (flash and mobile) and anything the makes my brain work... (and looks good).

You can contact me through itay{AT} or call +972-54-54-55775